ZetaWorlds Coming Soon…!

We are happy to drop a secret about our up and coming project called ZetaWorlds, which is a new service that we will be offering that is a hybrid between Kitely like world and your standard grid. The project was thought up from hearing and seeing a lot of feedback from experiences of how people use OpenSimulator and we want to migrate ourselves into the new world of how you will use OpenSimulator.

Now before you ask, no regions will not be cloud based. The entire system will be dedicated server based, providing us with the ability to offer affordable solutions, however we will be offering the ability to order Cloud Time, which will move you into the cloud for a set price per-day where your region(s) will run in a cloud for a party, event, etc. The rest of the time, your region will be online 24/7 unless you choose to shut it down from your control panel.
This world will be HyperGrid enabled, and will have currency enabled. There will be a world map, but not all regions will show up on the world map. We will be offering private worlds, where your assets and users are completely isolated from the rest of the grid and only accessible via the HyperGrid that is completely configurable. Offering truly white label services, what people should to come to expect from Zetamex.
The Panel will be a modified version ZetaPanel, that will offer OAR only imports and exports. IARs will be disabled for security reasons, and the exporting of OARs will be filtered based on permission functions. This solution will allow people to experience the best of both worlds, and have a virtual world service that incorporates what we know and love about grids, while also offering the ability to hide everything.
Pricing hasn’t been fully discussed yet, however we are expecting prices to start at only $15usd/month

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