Weekly Update

Last Week

  • ZetaPanel rolled out to all simulator clients
  • ZetaPanel got some upgrades
  • AviWorlds got landmark issues resolved
  • MetaJabber back online with new purpose (still under minor maintenance)

This Week

  • ZetaPanel for Grids & Standalones
  • Grid-Press Re-Launch
    • The new grid press will feature auto-reblogging of others blogs who enroll in the service
  • ZetaCurrency Alpha Release
    • With the unofficial news that OMC has stopped working, we are developing our own currency module that will be available for a very reasonable price.
    • PayPal module support is in the plans but may take longer to implement
  • ZetaPanel OpenSource Release
    • The opensource version of ZetaPanel will be released this week, most likely the end of this week. It is a really simple version but it is just our first release, but the next release will have much more promise.
  • ZetaWorlds Alpha
    • ZetaWorlds will be entering Alpha the end of this week, we will be looking for testers later the week.