New Grid-Press & MetaJabber

The new Grid-Press has been launched, this time you can have your already existing blogs automatically reblogged into the feed. The new Grid-Press is designed to help grids, hosting companies, and more advertise themselves more actively. We will log ourselves directly into your feed, then we will let our system just pull that feed.

The feeds that are reblogged, we refer all that traffic back to you for them to read the full articles. Grid-Press is now more of your opensim news paper, redirecting you to the articles you are interested. We are currently in testing phases, soon we will be adding the ability to sort, featured, and more with blogs that are imported. We hope to see you all at the new and improved

Zetamex is proud to announce that we have brought back free region hosting and even added free CPanel hosting. This means you can get real hosting from us completely free, or at least in turn for helping us create a new community at and we look forward to meeting you there. All zetamex services that include community support will be using MetaJabber, to encourage the growth of a central forum.