Migration of Site Data

Zetamex is releasing a notice that tomorrow(June 29th, 2013) the website will be unable to accept orders or payments. This is due to site data migration to our new provider, we do not want loss of payments or orders to occur, so they will be temporally unavailable during this migration, and the migration will only take 12-24hours.

The reason for this migration is to promote better service, and keep our prices right where they are. We don’t want to change our prices, but the influx in cost of servers and networking equipment, it is getting harder to manage. For this reason we are moving sites to dedicated web hosting providers.

Sites that will be effected:

  • Zadaroo.com
  • Zetamex.com
  • Billing.Zetamex.com
  • Support.Zetamex.com
  • Metajabber.com
  • Metajabber.pw
  • Grid-Press.com

Grids, Simulators, and other opensim products will remain unaffected by this migration.

Thank you for your understanding and coroperation,
Zetamex Staff

Weekly Update

Last Week

  • ZetaPanel 1.5 Beta 
    • ZetaPanel went live last week, installations are still continuing through this week as it was a bit more work than we anticipated.
  • Metajabber Launched
    • The new project named Metajabber went live last week, we haven’t had much time to work with the project, however it is still going through some changes and updates.
  • Grid-Press Migration
    • We are taking the new Grid-Press offline today and going to be doing some work with. The Metajabber integration didn’t go as we planned.
    • Old Grid-Press articles can be found at http://archive.grid-press.com/

Coming This Week

  • ZetaPanel 1.5 Beta
    • We will be finishing up the roll out of this to all clients through out the week. 
    • The community edition will be released to the public some where near the end of this week. We have to finish modifications to it’s code base to make it usable for home use, right now it is written custom to work with our setup.
  • Grid-Press
    • We will be pushing out a new Grid-Press later this week, we have seen that there are tons of people running their own blogs. We want to provide a way to pull all these blogs together, so we will be having a sign-up where the site will automatically pull blog posts from your blog to Grid-Press and sort them automatically into the category they need to be in.
  • Metajabber Review
    • We will be reviewing the condition of our latest project Metajabber and assessing what we can do to better promote this product or whether its goals should change. 
  • Minecraft Hosting
    • As promised last week, we will be setting up the stage to host our own Minecraft world to start out. More information will be coming out soon on this, so please hold on to your seat while we work on getting this ready for launch.


  • Thanks
    • I would like to start out by thanking everyone in the opensimulator community for helping make Zetamex one of the largest and most trusted opensim hosts out there.
  • Biting Off More Than We Can Chew?
    • Sometimes it looks like we may be biting off more than we can chew, and sometimes that is true. We are begining to look at expanding our business, and look for opertunities to increase our ability to expand out more.
    • What does this mean? Well in simple there may be some changes up and coming to Zetamex here in the very near future, and possibly some new faces and people behind the scenes. No words of who and what changes, just rest assured we are not going anywhere but up from there.

Free ZetaPanel!

It is finally here, ZetaPanel 1.5 Beta Release!

A few Zetamex clients are already now as of this morning using ZetaPanel 1.5 which we have decided to make 100% Free and no rising costs! To support this, we just added advertisements to the left hand bar. They are not intrusive and help us earn revenue to keep the ZetaPanel software free.

Some text has been blurred to protect clients privacy!

As you can see above, the control panel now welcomes you directly in. On the top left you can see the navigation, to directly pull up your dashboard which is what you see now, the user guide, Support, and even launch billing. Then of course the advertisement in the left side there.

On the Dashboard you can see the layout of all your simulators and standalones. Standalone support should be launched mid next week. But you can see here, that we tell you the Name of the grid, this person has regions on their new grid End of the Metaverse. Under that, you see each simulator listed as Node 1,2,3 and what has been blurred are the names of the regions on each of those nodes, so you don’t have to remember what region is on what. For nodes that have multiple of the same name, we simple put the name and 1-X for the amount of that region there is.

Region names and OARs have been blurred to protect client’s privacy

Don’t worry guys, we made our control panel easy to use and the user guide is right in the top left. As you can see from this screenshot, the layout is nice and clean, with text explaining exactly what to do.

We thank all of you for your support, we so happy to have you using our products. Don’t worry if you are a client and have not got this yet, you will before midnight tonight!

ZetaPanel Decision & Dedicated Packages

So we have done some careful decision making, and we are now going to share what we have decided to do.

  1. ZetaPanel will not be Included with all Standalone & Simulator packages.
  2. As of a result of the statement above all prices will be raised by 5/month
  3. That being said, all existing clients have the luxury of getting this service at no extra charge, as Zetamex’s grandfather policy. However, new service will require the new price.
  4. For clients who will be using this on dedicated packages there will be 15/month extra charge for us setting it up for you.
  5. This will not be available till ZetaPanel 1.5 release, which will be this weekend!

We have had a lot of questions about our dedicated packages, because they are not listed on the front page anymore. Well, they were not very popular so the link is located at the very bottom of the page under “Zetamex Products” for you to find them.

Since some people don’t know the advantages of using Dedicated packages, I want to explain they are designed for people who need tons of regions, and don’t want to purchase a simulator at a time. The discount of going bulk, and having it on your own dedicated hardware.

2x Plus Simulators (90k Prims) = $80/month
Silver Dedicated (120k Prims*) = $80/month

5x Plus Simulator (225k Prims) = $200/month
Gold Dedicated (240k Prims*) = $150/month

11x Plus Simulator (495k Prims) = $440/month
Platinum Dedicated (480k Prims*) = $195/month

*Dedicated packages can have more or less prims depending on script usage and amount of regions you use. These results are based off of standard simulator usage.

Just thank of the money you could save!

ZetaPanel Is Live!!!

I know you have all been waiting a VERY long time for this, ZetaPanel is here. Ate least the Zetamex version is, which means the community version is only a few days from going public! For those of you who have forgotten what ZetaPanel is, it is a control panel for operating regions inside of a standalone or simulator. 

So why did it take us so long? Well we tried contracting, but people want hundreds some thousands of dollars, and well I am not a great programmer, but I learned more PHP just so I could make this. I have to say I am very satisfied with it, however I do know the first release looks a bit confusing so I have written a very detailed short ebook manual that can be downloaded here. Also shows the link on the control panel for those who need that.

For current customers this panel is available only for 2.50/month where new customers will be paying 5.00/month extra for this feature. To add to your existing server, login at http://billing.zetamex.com/ go to Product Add-Ons and add ZetaPanel, then at checkout use coupon code LOYAL this only works for existing clients.

Some Screenshots:

So why is Zetamex releasing a Community Version? We believe in community, by releasing a community version that is 100% Free and 100% OpenSource, we encourage further development. We are sure people will take it, play around with it, and then go and add their own tidbits, we might even take back and put in future releases. This is much like how OpenSim works, so we want to stay with that same sort of mind set the OpenSim devs have. This will also encurage competition, which is good, as right now there is not many companies that have a big rep or are well known, and well this will help them build a name hopefully.

Zetamex is a firm believer in without competition there becomes monopolies, and innovation can become stifled. So that being said, we look forward to seeing what everyone does with ZetaPanel Community Edition when it goes live later this week!