ZetaPanel Is Live!!!

I know you have all been waiting a VERY long time for this, ZetaPanel is here. Ate least the Zetamex version is, which means the community version is only a few days from going public! For those of you who have forgotten what ZetaPanel is, it is a control panel for operating regions inside of a standalone or simulator. 

So why did it take us so long? Well we tried contracting, but people want hundreds some thousands of dollars, and well I am not a great programmer, but I learned more PHP just so I could make this. I have to say I am very satisfied with it, however I do know the first release looks a bit confusing so I have written a very detailed short ebook manual that can be downloaded here. Also shows the link on the control panel for those who need that.

For current customers this panel is available only for 2.50/month where new customers will be paying 5.00/month extra for this feature. To add to your existing server, login at http://billing.zetamex.com/ go to Product Add-Ons and add ZetaPanel, then at checkout use coupon code LOYAL this only works for existing clients.

Some Screenshots:

So why is Zetamex releasing a Community Version? We believe in community, by releasing a community version that is 100% Free and 100% OpenSource, we encourage further development. We are sure people will take it, play around with it, and then go and add their own tidbits, we might even take back and put in future releases. This is much like how OpenSim works, so we want to stay with that same sort of mind set the OpenSim devs have. This will also encurage competition, which is good, as right now there is not many companies that have a big rep or are well known, and well this will help them build a name hopefully.

Zetamex is a firm believer in without competition there becomes monopolies, and innovation can become stifled. So that being said, we look forward to seeing what everyone does with ZetaPanel Community Edition when it goes live later this week!