ZetaPanel Decision & Dedicated Packages

So we have done some careful decision making, and we are now going to share what we have decided to do.

  1. ZetaPanel will not be Included with all Standalone & Simulator packages.
  2. As of a result of the statement above all prices will be raised by 5/month
  3. That being said, all existing clients have the luxury of getting this service at no extra charge, as Zetamex’s grandfather policy. However, new service will require the new price.
  4. For clients who will be using this on dedicated packages there will be 15/month extra charge for us setting it up for you.
  5. This will not be available till ZetaPanel 1.5 release, which will be this weekend!

We have had a lot of questions about our dedicated packages, because they are not listed on the front page anymore. Well, they were not very popular so the link is located at the very bottom of the page under “Zetamex Products” for you to find them.

Since some people don’t know the advantages of using Dedicated packages, I want to explain they are designed for people who need tons of regions, and don’t want to purchase a simulator at a time. The discount of going bulk, and having it on your own dedicated hardware.

2x Plus Simulators (90k Prims) = $80/month
Silver Dedicated (120k Prims*) = $80/month

5x Plus Simulator (225k Prims) = $200/month
Gold Dedicated (240k Prims*) = $150/month

11x Plus Simulator (495k Prims) = $440/month
Platinum Dedicated (480k Prims*) = $195/month

*Dedicated packages can have more or less prims depending on script usage and amount of regions you use. These results are based off of standard simulator usage.

Just thank of the money you could save!