Migration of Site Data

Zetamex is releasing a notice that tomorrow(June 29th, 2013) the website will be unable to accept orders or payments. This is due to site data migration to our new provider, we do not want loss of payments or orders to occur, so they will be temporally unavailable during this migration, and the migration will only take 12-24hours.

The reason for this migration is to promote better service, and keep our prices right where they are. We don’t want to change our prices, but the influx in cost of servers and networking equipment, it is getting harder to manage. For this reason we are moving sites to dedicated web hosting providers.

Sites that will be effected:

  • Zadaroo.com
  • Zetamex.com
  • Billing.Zetamex.com
  • Support.Zetamex.com
  • Metajabber.com
  • Metajabber.pw
  • Grid-Press.com

Grids, Simulators, and other opensim products will remain unaffected by this migration.

Thank you for your understanding and coroperation,
Zetamex Staff