Free ZetaPanel!

It is finally here, ZetaPanel 1.5 Beta Release!

A few Zetamex clients are already now as of this morning using ZetaPanel 1.5 which we have decided to make 100% Free and no rising costs! To support this, we just added advertisements to the left hand bar. They are not intrusive and help us earn revenue to keep the ZetaPanel software free.

Some text has been blurred to protect clients privacy!

As you can see above, the control panel now welcomes you directly in. On the top left you can see the navigation, to directly pull up your dashboard which is what you see now, the user guide, Support, and even launch billing. Then of course the advertisement in the left side there.

On the Dashboard you can see the layout of all your simulators and standalones. Standalone support should be launched mid next week. But you can see here, that we tell you the Name of the grid, this person has regions on their new grid End of the Metaverse. Under that, you see each simulator listed as Node 1,2,3 and what has been blurred are the names of the regions on each of those nodes, so you don’t have to remember what region is on what. For nodes that have multiple of the same name, we simple put the name and 1-X for the amount of that region there is.

Region names and OARs have been blurred to protect client’s privacy

Don’t worry guys, we made our control panel easy to use and the user guide is right in the top left. As you can see from this screenshot, the layout is nice and clean, with text explaining exactly what to do.

We thank all of you for your support, we so happy to have you using our products. Don’t worry if you are a client and have not got this yet, you will before midnight tonight!