OpenSim Archive – A call for contributions

Zetamex Network is proud to be the sponsor of the OpenSim Archive, a project that aims to centralize a library of resource for and around OpenSimulator for the benefit of creators and those who want to become one. Based around the idea of sharing resources and knowledge, which is one of the core principle behind open source software and the entire FOSS movement, and not re-inventing the wheel for every car that’s made this library aims to aid content creators and everyone else alike. We hope the project will grow and creators will contribute to the enhancement of the worlds we spend our virtual life in. The project is made available to everyone free of charge and even includes things such as old software, compiled OpenSimulator binaries and other useful items. Zetamex Network provides the storage and bandwidth for this project and will handle submissions.

If you are a creator or know of publicly available resource with open licenses we ask for you to get in contact with us to contribute to the library. You can find a contact point on the right, just click the big yellow button or send us an email!


2 thoughts on “OpenSim Archive – A call for contributions

  1. What a fantastic concept! I love the idea of a centralized repository of resources.

    I don’t see a category for Scripts, or is that outside the scope of this repository?

    Thanks for sponsoring this resource.

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