Some Big Changes

Zetamex has some big changes to announce to everyone. 

New Terms of Service Agreement
First off we would like to remind everyone that we have updated our Terms of Service, all our clients were notified a few days in advance, however they are now officially active. The new Terms of Service can be viewed at:

ZetaWorlds – Partnership
ZetaWorlds has been sold to New Worldz LLC for us to work in conjunction with them on this project. For those who do not know who NewWorld LLC is. They are the company behind the recently closed grid Gay Nations, to move in this new direction.

We are really excited about working with New Worldz LLC on this project, ZetaWorlds Open Alpha is scheduled to open on August 10th. The grid is being marketed as the Kitely alternative. With regions that are online all the time, hypergrid enabled, currency module, affordable regions, with a friendly web interface.

Aurora-Sim Service Update
Some major fixes and updates have been made to Aurora-Sim, we are still doing some experimentation. But with the new very active development, we are very close to restoring Aurora-Sim services to the public. Possibly even the restore of AuroraScape services.

ZetaWebs Going Strong!
Our newest service called ZetaWebs, offering free & paid web hosting from our partner I FastNet Ltd has attracted quite a few people. We are very excited to announce that since its launch 2 weeks ago we have 25~ site hosted currently.

Major Promotions
We are bringing back monthly promotions. But since we just made all these new partnerships we have tons of extra space on our servers, so here is one of our biggest sales ever! But hurry it ends August 6, 2013

25OFFSUMMER – First 3 Months 25% OFF Simulators and Standalones!
GRID25OFF – Your First Month 25% OFF ANY Grid Plan!