ZetaWorlds Delayed

We are sad to announce that we are delaying the launch of ZetaWorlds as some new features have just been made available in the opensimulator source code. We are also changing up the focus of the project as well. The new launch is set for the 15th, which will only be a public testing point not an official release.

What is ZetaWorlds?

Recently we been having a lot of people consider starting up a commercial or closed grid, but then pull out because they get hit with the wall that most hit. That is being starved for content creators, people joining your world, and the grid being constantly updated and stable. Some people want and need that bleeding edge and some want that stability.

Now this is where ZetaWorlds comes in, we are a virtual world that hasn’t been done in opensim yet. We are launching a world that anyone can come in and do their thing, we are even giving away free land. We also have hypergrid turned on, with security in place. Import and and export features for region owners, with safety features in place. We even have currency, which you start out with 10 ZC$ starting out so you can purchase your first parcel tier free.

So why do we not think this is a conflict of interest? Well we have thought long and hard about starting ZetaWorlds, and we cannot think of anyone would risk doing a closed grid, with an almost completely open concept. Not to mention, we are just managing the back end. We are not a niche grid, we are not ourself running events, we want the users to control how they use the grid.

This does not mean we are not involved, we will have monthly town hall meetings. The citizens of the grid will elect candidates to be in charge of certain things in the community. We will be providing tools for any resident to schedule public events, and even setting up public event centers for performances and more. Including our first event, which is Zetamex turns 3 years old!

Now that does sound a bit different, but we are going a step further. Like SecondLife, we are going to have 3 copies of opensim back-end running. However, unlike SecondLife, region owners get to choose what version they want to use. Here are the versions with their code names:

Husky – This is our version of stability on the grid, that is only updated when certain milestones are reached. We chosen to name it husky, as huskies tend to be strong and tamable animal.

Dragon – This is weekly opensim master code, pulled every Sunday with our own modules added in. Dragon is chosen because we think you are playing with fire when choosing to use bleeding edge code, but you get to play with all the latest improvements.

Bullet Dragon – This is the same as Dragon, however we have Bullet physics turned on. The name should speak for itself.

We do want to point out the pricing is slightly higher for regions on ZetaWorlds than our regions on Metropolis, OSgrid, or other open grids. The reason that is, because we need to cover core server costs, it is actually why charge less on region hosting for other grids so you can have money to donate back to the actual grid. We will keep our ability to have more than one regions with a simulator, however you will not gain console access to these regions, but you will have a more improved ZetaPanel.

I look forward to hearing from everyone!