New Plans & Double Up

Our new plan layout has gone live, and through out today regions will be restarting as they take effect the back end changes to our plans. Feel free to check out the new line up on our new sub-sites we will be using to start our ad campaigns across the web, or our regular site at for all the latest changes.

Standalones(Mini Grids)
Metroplis Regions
OSgrid Regions

Main Site

We are so happy to announce our new plan called MAX which is what knocked all our plans down a tier. We noticed many people want the prim count you can get with kitely, so we are giving it to you. However you must remember than prim count is effected by script impact, users, and many other factors as well. But we assure you this is possible.

Now then, it is time for our next discount run. So we have tons of new space on our new servers, and we want to fill them up. So here our the coupon codes for this month.

DOUBLEVISION(Aug 7 – Aug 30, 2013) Buy our Standard Simulator, then you will get another Standard simulator FREE for the life of your subscription of the first simulator. This coupon can only be used once per customer.
OMG50OFF(Aug 7 – Aug 30, 2013) That is right, 50% OFF ALL our plans except our dedicated servers. This account can be applied to only once per customer, and gives you your first month 50% OFF after that it goes back to regular pricing.
25OFFDEDI (Aug 7 – Aug 30, 2013) Get 25% OFF your first month on ALL our dedicated server plans. This coupon can only be used once per customer.