Changing How We Do Business

We have been watching how opensimulator keeps changing, we have also noticed how all of our residents use opensimulator. Because of this, we are changing our plan layout.

This change is the first change that will effect all clients, however because the new lineup is setup based off the same price scale, users will just be pushed down one package. The down grade is not really a down grade, as it is the same packages just moved around.,

We no longer will be charging by the prim count, we will now be charging by the memory usage. This will now allow people to have a better balance of prims and scripts, as many clients use more prims than scripts and some more scripts than prims. This does effect performance, so now you will have locked in memory usage. So in theory, people who use less scripts can now use more prims.

The plans will be on our website on August 6, 2013 so be sure to watch out for this. Zetamex is finishing up ZetaPanel 2.0 which has tons of new features and bug fixes. Zetamex is trying to change our label from “bargain hosting” to being one of the top opensim hosting provider. ZetaWorlds is slowly coming along, and the public testing is still set for August 10, 2013.

Stay tuned for more news on these developments.