Two Important Notices!

We have been running into a lot of customers misunderstanding how automatic payments work. So we want to try and resolve this issue by explaining it in this email.

When you choose to subscribe to paying Zetamex automatically, you are making an agreement with PayPal not Zetamex, to automatically send money to Zetamex. We cannot cancel this ourselves, this must be done on your end, the only thing we can do is refund your payment. Which does cost us to continually refund, as PayPal charges us charge back fees. So please remember, if you do not want automatic billing to occur, choose to do manual payments with us.

This also goes for if you cancel service with us, you MUST also tell PayPal to stop sending us payments. We have not control over this, we are now updating our cancellation email with the steps so people who cancel service will know the steps to take to cancel your billing arrangements with PayPal.

Also, we have noticed a lot of people been bypassing the Zadaroo site and going directly to to fetch the files. While that was setup for temporary while we setup Zadaroo, we do rely on visitors to go to as it allows us to make pay for the server storage fees, so now redirects you to automatically.

This does not mean we have turned off hot-linking. We understand that hot-linking makes it easier for you to load OARs straight from our server, so we have left that enabled, you will just have to use the site like you used to when Linda Henson(Kellie) was the owner. I do understand this means you see a few ads, but those advertisements are how Zadaroo remains a free asset to you.

I thank you all for understanding these changes.