Farewell 2016

As another year comes to close Zetamex Network is moving into 2017 with some fresh plans and changes that we hope are as exciting for you as they are for us. Among the changes are the official launch of Zetamex.solutions, our custom OpenSim and Web-Solutions branch aimed at those who need something of their own and no run-of-the-mill packages. Also on the horizon are some new projects we are working on at the moment and that will see the light of day in the coming year.

To go into some closer detail, as previously announced we are changing billing to better reflect the scope of our customers projects and adjust pricing according to their needs and budgets. This now also brings a change to the currency we use. So far we have billed in USD, a currency widely used on the internet and international markets. However USD is not the currency we file our tax forms in and as a result each invoice has to be converted to EURO before we can file taxes. With the recent fluctuations on the stock markets the value has jumped up and down resulting in an immense workload of our financial department, converting each little amount according to historical data just to file a “handful” of taxes. This additional workload is time consuming and unfortunately time is still money. With USD and EURO only being a few percentages apart from one another we have elected to eliminate this workload by switching the billed currency over to EURO. This will significantly reduce the time spent on our end of billing and thus reduce the prices in the long run. Our payment gateways will automatically convert the invoiced amount from EURO to USD for you at no additional fees.

With Zetamex.solutions bringing fully custom OpenSim solutions to the market we did not want to neglect the entry-level side of OpenSim. People who just want to try out OpenSim or lack the budget for a large custom solution will be happy to hear that we have been working on something that will make OpenSim as easy as ordering pizza. OpenSim.hosting will be our new, standardized, fire-and-forget, one-stop-shop for your drive-thru OpenSim needs. All cheesiness aside, OpenSim.hosting will feature a simple to use interface allowing you to easily spin up a simulator and manage almost all aspects of it. You will be able to choose from a host of new features we have been rolling out to our custom solutions in the past along with daily billing, for when you just want to host an event and need some extra space. We will be going into more detail about the features of this new system in the coming months as we continue to develop and refine it. We currently do not have a specific launch window and will most likely soft-launch the system for early adopters. Stay tuned for more information as 2017 progresses.

Nope, not done yet, we got more to share. Another big construction zone over the last couple months has been ZetaWorlds, our in-house grid we have been using both as beta-grounds for new features as well as space for refugees from other grids. ZetaWorlds will continue to be a major focus for us next with new features being added and sales of land opening up as well. Our aim for ZetaWorlds has always been to provide a stable platform for those looking for a new home and to hypergrid and explore the metaverse. For a couple months now we have been developing features for both the grid and website to finally start engaging the community of ZetaWorlds. For that matter we have signed up a Community Manager that will help us build the community and work together with you, the resident, to bring better service to you and create the events you would like to see. Give a warm welcome to Edison Rex(Paul Harriman) your new address for anything community related. Edison will also take over the ZetaWorlds specific blog and post updates and events there so stay tuned for that.

That was quite a lot of information all at once, we will give you some time to digest it all over the holidays and already wish you a happy New Year and thank you for your continuous support throughout this year!

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