A new era for hypergrid shoppers

Historically the sale of regions has been the biggest market associated with OpenSim with the sale of inworld items, scripts, clothing and infrastructure being a close second place. Commerce have had to deal with currencies coming and going and subsequent customer relations suffering from it all. For the shop owners maintaining a constant income through local residents meant heavy advertising and a reliance on the stability of the grids community. Expansion across the metaverse often meant dealing with different currencies or direct-to-paypal vendor systems to accommodate for total lack of currency. The continuous growth of marketplaces like the Kitely-Market have shown that, first and foremost, ease of use and reliability are what keeps people invested in the creations of the OpenSim community.

To the rescue comes Gloebit, a new currency specifically designed for the hypergrid. Gloebit offers stability, usability and a level of integration that has not been seen in OpenSim thus far. We are happy to announce that with the production launch on ZanGrid, Zetamex Network will be offering Gloebit integration for grid customers.