Introducing Zetamex.Solutions

Zetamex Network has offered a host of standard packages for OpenSim in the past. That is all well and good, but sometimes standard run-of-the-mill solutions are not what you may be looking for. For that purpose we have created Zetamex.Solutions specifically aimed at those who want to make more out of OpenSim. Our existing customers already enjoy many of the perks this branch of our company offers. Now those are available for everyone.

Along with this we are changing part of our billing system to better serve to the different budgets and projects people approach us with. This means removal of the standardized packages to be replaced with flexible, budget-based billing. Further are we streamlining our support system removing the need for the Dedicated Support package. Instead support is given equally to everyone and special requests are met with more transparent billing system. These changes were made after the feedback we received over the last couple of months has shown that they were needed. We hope you are as excited about them as we are. We will continue to gauge the feedback we receive to improve the quality of our products and the support we give for them.