Zetamex Closed [Press Release]

      For those who are not already aware, Zetamex is now called Zetamex Network and is a registered German company. It was bought out by a german citizen who was the spark for Zetamex and has since seen it flourish. The new CEO for Zetamex network is Vincent “Tampa” Sylvester, and we here at Zetamex Network couldn’t have asked for a better CEO!

With the change from Zetamex to Zetamex Network and being registered as a German company, comes with some changes to the actual company itself. Zetamex Network has grown past being a company run by one person and people who wanted to volunteer to help and is ready to be restructured into a well oiled machine! What this means is that while we are restructuring the company we will no longer be accepting new customers while the new CEO sets up a good infrastructure to ensure the best products, services, and customer service that we can provide. Previously we were understaffed which led to slow development of software for our users or bugs in the software that were never correctly fixed, but we are going to be adding more staff and specialized groups to deal with bug fixes, deployment of sims and more products for our customers to choose from.
As for our current customers, what this means for you is that we will still be giving out support and you, the customer will still be able to maintain and add regions if you so wish. There are no plans to increase pricing of any of our plans due to the change of the company itself, however new service and support packages will be provided as add-ons.
We wanted to thank you again for sticking with Zetamex Network and any feed back that you can give would be greatly appreciated to shape Zetamex Network into the best Virtual service network around!
Thank you again,
Team Zetamex Network

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