Plans for 2016

We are already well into 2016, but up until this point we had not fully determined our plans for this year. After some consideration and running into a few brick walls our schedule appears to be mostly complete.

This year will bring a few major changes to the Zetamex customers and residents of ZetaWorlds. Our new and improved administration panel is still in heavy development and we will begin internal testing in a few weeks. Once completed a beta will be available to existing customers. Invites for this beta will be sent out shortly after completion of the alpha version with the aim to refine the beta version later available to all customers. Our goal is to fully complete this new panel by the end of this year. The reason for this long term testing phase is our aim to provide a lite version for everyone to use, not just Zetamex customers. The details of how we will provide this are still being determined.

ZetaWorlds is providing an ever improving experience for its residents and the number of hypergrid visitors is ever growing. We are very pleased so many decide to come around and see what we have to offer and as a result we want to give something back to all of those endorsing ZetaWorlds. Specifically, like some might have noticed already, we are planning to open up an Expo this year allowing any non-profit organization and grids to show off what they have to offer and encourage people to travel the metaverse. The details of this Expo are still being ironed out and we have yet to find a curator taking care of managing this year long event. It is probably worth mentioning here, that we are actively looking for curators for the Expo and that you can apply for this voluntary position by simply sending us an email. We hope this Expo will encourage the growth of opensim and its education and social capabilities.

Oh we are not done yet, don’t you worry. Another big goal this year is restructuring our product line and making it much easier to get exactly what you need. This will include a completely new way of ordering services, with advanced customization to tailor opensim exactly the way you want it be. We want to move away from standard packages and give the customer the flexibility opensim can provide. Especially for grid hosting this new ability to only pay for you need will reduce costs on both ends and allow for grids to grow easier than ever before. More details on this later, a bit of teasing shall be allowed.

Curiosity is human nature, so if you want to know more, feel free to send us a tweet or email or g+ message or a pigeon, but please don’t throw message stones through our windows, they are brand new.

Take care everyone.

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