Zetamex Becomes Zetamex Network

Dear Customers,
Zetamex is now called Zetamex Network and is also now registered in Germany.

What changes for you? Not that much actually, here is a quick overview.
New Website
We have been hard at work designing the new home for all of our products. All this work paid off in the launch of the new Zetamex Website. All of our products in a new, simplified and easy to read format.
New Billing and Support integration
One of the most confusing parts about Zetamex was the host of different systems handling support and billing separately. We have moved to a new system, integrating support directly with billing, making it far easier to send in tickets and manage your account. One login for support and billing, with all vital information in one place.
The world getting closer together
To comply with new international trade agreements we are now forced to tax all of our products and services at the customers country of residency. This means local tax rates are applied to our services and thus we require all customers to fill out their account information with address, name and at least one form of contact*(email or telephone). This will ensure you will get the proper tax rate. With the move to Germany our billing address has changed. This has the potential to upset some credit institutions, so be aware that credit card payments now travel across the big pond.
New services available
Zetamex Network is proud to announce the upcoming custom simulator package. This new package will allow you to customize an OpenSim simulator to specifically suit your needs. Including a new size and increased limits to fully unleash your dreams.
As a new convenience for our customers with their own websites, we now offer Webspace in a special package suited perfectly for the connection with OpenSim and with special features available to be integrated into already existing websites.
Some of these features are already listed on our website, but have not yet been integrated into our systems. We will enable these for purchase at a later date.
~ Vincent Sylvester
~ ~ Zetamex Network CEO