Letter To Public ~ Changes Made

Dear Customers,

I would like to deeply apologize for the recent slow down in tickets and temporary holds on orders. This is because of a few different factors:

Database Services

 We have recently had our final strike using dedicated hardware for our databases. As a result of this, we have decided to move to Amazon Web Services for our databases. We are now using Amazon RDS to run our databases. This has significantly improved database performance and sets us up for protection against hardware related downtimes.

With this shift to Amazon RDS, it will allow us the ability to decrease downtime significantly. By using Multi-AZ Deployment, there is always a secondary copy of our database server running that will seamlessly take over in the event of any issue whether hardware or networking related. This provides us with better stability that we can make sure your content is online with much higher up times. Amazon RDS also does built in data back-up and snapshots that makes it easier for us to roll stuff back in the event of a possible data corruption or failures.

Leaving Budget Providers

Zetamex, if you haven’t already heard, has left some of the budget providers we have used in the past due to multiple problems and unreliable connections. In many instances, we were experiencing packet loss of up to 57% and that is absolutely unacceptable. So we have moved to more reliable, and enterprise ready datacenters, using companies like Amazon Web Services, SoftLayer, and a few German providers as well. This has resulted in our standards being raised, as well as being able to promise better uptime and more reliable connectivity for both you and your customers.

Thank You,
Zetamex Team

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