Ringing In The New Year

It has been pretty quiet over at Zetamex in terms of getting updates on what we are doing. So we wanted to publish this quick news update about what’s going on, and our release schedule for the stuff coming out of Zetamex in the New Year.

Break Down:

Zetamex Re-Opens Simulator Ordering: Jan 3, 2015
Zetamex Re-Opens Grid Ordering: Jan 5, 2015
ZetaWorlds Hits Release Candidate: Jan 15, 2015
Zetamex Offers True Mini-Grids: Feb 1, 2015
ZetaWorlds Offering Sub-Grids: Feb 1, 2015

ZetaWorlds Open Grid, has a back-end like no other. The grid’s services run entirely out of the cloud, behind a distributed setup. This distributed setup, allows us to provide a more reliable and steadfast grid. There are two sets of robust running, a group of robust services for regions hosted by Zetamex and a group of robust services running for those who connect their own regions. We have designed it this way, so that people connecting and attempting to abuse the grid cannot effect regions customers are paying for or the core working regions of the grid.

On top of this, ZetaWorlds being put into the same technology that all our grids that Zetamex hosts are. Put directly into the cloud, this provides us the ability to have backups that are of the entire machine. ZetaWorld’s core grid services, as well as other grids we host. The entire virtual server is snapshotted every night, allowing if something bad does happen we can spin up another server instantly using the snapshot, and even in a different region if the need arises. This provides us the ability to make sure data integrity remains high.

While assets are of biggest concern, we backup our assets server hourly. While if something does happen to the grid we roll back 1 day at worse case. You would lose up to 24hours of work, but if you had it rezzed on a region it would be safe and with us backing up hourly the asset would still be in the asset server. This allows us to ensure reliably even in the worse cases. The fact that we use SRAS gives us two advantages; the ability to have assets saved as files making hourly backup easy, and having the ability to have a fast and reliable asset server that can take a beating.

ZetaWorlds Sub-Grids, is a service we are working on after seeing so many grids merging into one another because of costs and other various reasons. We want to provide a service to allow grids to merge into a ZetaWorlds, while still keeping track of their residents inside of ZetaWorlds. This means all Sub-Grids of ZetaWorlds will be in ZetaWorld regions and residents. This allows the owners of the Sub-Grids to have their own registration page, starting region, list of their users inside of ZetaWorlds, and residents register in the Sub-Grid will have in their profile “Tims World Resident” or whatever the Sub-Grid’s name is.

These are just some of the things we are working on here at Zetamex, just so you know we are not sitting on our hands we are hard at work developing new and great things for everyone to enjoy. We look forward to the New Year, with us all this coming pubic for everyone to use.

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