Everything is now back online, free and paid clients. Just note we are going through and clearing up our database here in the next few days and will be contacting free region owners as well as clients who are past due trying to get all our records sorted out as we are redoing our entire back end. We did the front end, now we are cleaning up the back end, it is really cluttered back here.

See all of you really soon, and watch out for your ZetaPanel login emails this weekend!

Update Progress

I would like to inform everyone that all PAID clients are back online, free regions are now in progress. We wanted to get paid clients back online as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience, here is the updates that have been applied:

OSGrid Specific Clients:
  • Upgraded to latest release of OSgrid client
All Clients:
  • ZetaPanel preparations made in the code

Updates & ZetaPanel Installations

Zetamex is having a brief service interruption that effects all simulator and standalone clients! Simulators and standalones should be expected to be back online within the next 3-5 hours. We apologize, but to roll out the new version of ZetaPanel to ALL clients this is required for us to creating this interruption in service.

Again, my apologizes for this small blurp of downtime, however we need to get this pushed out and the best way to do it is this way.

Thank You,
Zetamex Staff

ZetaWorlds Coming Soon…!

We are happy to drop a secret about our up and coming project called ZetaWorlds, which is a new service that we will be offering that is a hybrid between Kitely like world and your standard grid. The project was thought up from hearing and seeing a lot of feedback from experiences of how people use OpenSimulator and we want to migrate ourselves into the new world of how you will use OpenSimulator.

Now before you ask, no regions will not be cloud based. The entire system will be dedicated server based, providing us with the ability to offer affordable solutions, however we will be offering the ability to order Cloud Time, which will move you into the cloud for a set price per-day where your region(s) will run in a cloud for a party, event, etc. The rest of the time, your region will be online 24/7 unless you choose to shut it down from your control panel.
This world will be HyperGrid enabled, and will have currency enabled. There will be a world map, but not all regions will show up on the world map. We will be offering private worlds, where your assets and users are completely isolated from the rest of the grid and only accessible via the HyperGrid that is completely configurable. Offering truly white label services, what people should to come to expect from Zetamex.
The Panel will be a modified version ZetaPanel, that will offer OAR only imports and exports. IARs will be disabled for security reasons, and the exporting of OARs will be filtered based on permission functions. This solution will allow people to experience the best of both worlds, and have a virtual world service that incorporates what we know and love about grids, while also offering the ability to hide everything.
Pricing hasn’t been fully discussed yet, however we are expecting prices to start at only $15usd/month

Free Web Hosting

We have partnered with a large long standing hosting provider to provide everyone in the entire metaverse free web hosting. This hosting service is powered by ByetHost servers, however we can trump their standard free hosting offer with the fallowing plan:

Free Web Hosting Plan
Monthly Bandwidth
100 GB
Web Disk Space
10 GB
Demo Control Panel
Click here to view free hosting panel
$0.00 per month
Signup for free hosting
Addon Domains
Parked Domains
Sub Domains 10
PHP Sendmail
Limited Sendmail() for activation emails only
MySQL Databases
FTP Accounts
Free Domain
Feature Enable
Site Statistics
Feature Enable
VistaPanel Script Installer
Feature Enable
Custom Error Pages
Feature Enable
Cron Jobs
Feature Enable
PHP Flags Manager
Feature Enable
Online Browser File Manager
Feature Enable
IP Address Deny Feature Enable
10 MB Max File Size
Feature Enable
Custom CNAME Records Feature Enable
Unmetered MySQL space
Feature Enable


PHP sendmail Limited Sendmail() for activation emails only
WEB/POP3/IMAP4 accounts
Feature Not enabled
Custom MX records
Feature Enable
Custom SPF records


Feature Enable
Feature Enable
Feature Enable


Can install PHP cart scripts
Feature Enable
Password Protected Folders
Feature Enable
Feature Enable


24/7 Monitoring
Feature Enable
Firewall Protection
Feature Enable
UPS Power Back-up/Back-up
Feature Enable
Feature Enable
Hotlink Protection
Feature Enable


Cisco Powered Network
Feature Enable
Linux Clustered Server Network
Feature Enable
Intel Processors
Feature Enable
Apache Web Servers
Feature Enable

Amazing huh?

This is completely free, with just place a small UN-intrusive banner on your sites. This service is great for bloggers, forum owners, and more. This service is here for everyone to use and have fun with.

Services Restored

Earlier today one of our providers for web hosting, email services, and more had a major outage. They were unable to resolve the issue in a timely matter so we have change our provider for these services to an idustry leader in this area.

Because of this, a lot of services are coming back online now, if you are not seeing the sites properly please clear your browsers cache and restart it. That should resolve any issues. Again we are so sorry about this outage, we were just as outraged by this as everyone else!

Timothy Rogers
Zetamex CEO