Grid Management System

Zetamex has been hard at work, making sure before our relaunch that everything we have is ready for rollout and is not half complete. Well we feel it is time to show you whats been taking us the most time, and how far we are from being 100% complete with it.

Dashboard – click picture to enlarge

Meet the new My Zetamex, Grid Management System. With it you can now manage your grids, simulators, and regions all from one single place. Not only that, but it also gets rid of any need for third party systems such as Diva Wifi, and other related technologies. This system is 100% written from scratch using PHP and MySQL. Lets now continue on our tour of the new system.

User List – click picture to enlarge

Here is your Manage Users, interface. This allows you to see all the users registered, pending approval, banned, grid gods, and edit them. This interface is very simplistic and designed to look easy on the eyes, even though there is a lot of information in front of you.

Admin Create User – click picture to enlarge

The ability for the grid administrator from our feedback, is that they have always wanted to be able to register avatars without them physically having to make them on the customer registration screen. So now from here you can register a new account from the back-end clean and simple.

Edit User (customer info blurred) – click picture to enlarge

Now editing users has never been simpler, and resetting their password for them as well. We know how frustrating it can be when users need their password reset we coded it right in for you. Also we understand user levels are confusing, so we included descriptions of what each number is and its a drop down select tool so no need to understand the numbers is needed.

Grid Settings – click picture to enlarge

Now we wanted to build the easiest way for you to manage your grid, so all the settings are right here for you to configure. We also had tons of requests for controlled registrations so you can set that at Registration Type, where its public or controlled. If your registrations are controlled, the users will register, but be set at -2 aka “pending” they can not login till you set them to 0 aka “resident” status. This panel also allows you to change the start region and location settings, and starter avatars as well.

Embed Codes – click picture to enlarge

Now we want to be a true white label hosting company, on top of that we don’t want our customers have to redirect people to a website to register or have it forced upon them to redirect people to diva wifi, so now we are building it to be simple embed codes to look like part of your website, and did I mention these forms are unbranded and HTTPS not HTTP so the information transmitted for your registrations are secure.

The system is already working, we are just finishing a few features up: starter avatars, reset password, and user control panel. Everything else is done and working, for existing customers who want to go ahead and switch to the new interface, just send in a ticket from your My Zetamex account and we will move you over, and you can start making your registrations look like its part of your site today.

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