The Answer To The Craziness

Whats been going on

First I would like to thank everyone who has been putting up with our problems we have been having these past few weeks. Zetamex has been through more in these past few weeks that it has had issues in all the years combined we been in service. This greatly saddens me to tell you why, we have been under heavy attack.

You may have noticed delays in ticket response times larger than normal, this is due to we are working hard to secure our back-end from all types of attacks to prevent anymore downtime. We feel pretty confident we have finally secured our systems, but we are already working hard on tracking all future threats and have developed new and faster ways to making sure we are prepared on all fronts against both exploits, and blunt attacks against our servers.

Just to give you an example, Zetamex’s main website, which is hosted on its own server away from all simulators and client information, gets about over 300 hacking attempts on a slow day. We of course have implemented tools that just ban ip addresses that attempt to access our secure servers, to prevent any network slowdown. We have rolled this type of technology out too all our servers, and have been performing a large scale security audit of our systems and locking them down as hard as we can.

Upgrades to My Zetamex

In other news, we have made some great strides with My Zetamex and we are happy to say we are getting really close to calling it a Release Candidate. There are only a few more bugs and features we have to put in, but if you haven’t noticed as of late. We have rolled out the ability to download your OAR’s if your a Region customer without requesting, just by clicking a button to get your OAR file. We also several new features people have been asking for, such as the ability to change your password, support tickets being integrated no more separate login. We are still working on the separate login for billing however, this will most likely come at a later date as you don’t need to login to billing to pay invoices.

We are rolling out a new and more secure file management tool for our simulator customers. We have shutdown the standard FTP because of vulnerabilities we found in it. We will be turning on the new file management within the next two days. After which, we plan on starting the roll out documentation on how to use My Zetamex and all its new features. We are also always wanting to hear your feedback, so please remember you can always send feedback through our ticketing system.

Changes you should know about

In recent news, we have been having issues with customers having problems in various grids we offer region hosting in. We have decided to roll out our own custom version of OpenSimulator on these regions. These custom releases are close to stock code, but with minor edits we have made for better uptime and reliability. For example, if you are in Metropolis and you teleport to one of your regions hosted with us there, you will see “ZetaMetro Release” when you land into those regions. We have already started getting new feedback, telling us of the improvements that this has already had for several people. Granted some of the problems are not on our end, and we are still giving our ten percent to help out Metropolis with its growing costs to operate a grid at this large of a capacity.

Also from our research, we regret to inform all Region customers and Region customers only, this does NOT effect Simulator customers. That we are turning off the ability to use NPCs, as they are resource intensive and have been known to cause issues on these shared environments. If you wish to use NPCs, we ask you upgrade to our Simulator plans. We do apologize greatly we have to do this, but it is so we can continue to offer affordable quality services for all our clients. This policy change will go in effect on October 10th, 2014.

Again, I personally thank every single one of you for putting up with all the problems we have been having recently. But we are very happy to say things should start calming down here very shortly, as My Zetamex gets finished up, and now that we have secured our servers.

Happy Halloween Wishes,
Timothy Francis Rogers
Zetamex Acting CEO

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