Notice to Free Accounts

          Hello everybody,

     I am Jared, COO of Zetamex. I  writing today to inform all clients who have free accounts, that we’ve decided to discontinue our free services. We’re sorry that we have to quit offering free services but the company is growing to rapidly to continue to offer this, at this time. We may in the future offer it again, but for now we are shutting down the free services. Though with this bad news are do have some good. For all current free members, we are offering a one time upgrade from free to paid at a reduced price on our lowest package.

     Our Stander simulators offer, which is $20, is available to you at 25% off. So instead of paying the full $20, you will only have to pay $15. This offer will be available until the day after we shut down the free services, which will be December 17th. For anybody who is looking to upgrade from free to the speical offer. Then please submit a ticket letting us know you wish to upgrade before the cut off date, and then everything will be taken care of for you.

     Finally, we are also backing up everybody’s oars, whether you upgrade or not, and they will be avablie to download for those wanting their region oar. If you wish to get a copy of your region’s oar then please just sumit a ticket letting us know.

          Thank you for your time, and best wishes,

     Jared Shipp

UPDATE: Our support ticket system is located at

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