Announcing Zetamex’s new Pay What You Can Regions plan!!!

          Good Evening Everybody,

     Its Jared Shipp, COO of Zetamex, once again with some more information on our new plan. Tim and I were watching yesterday as everybody responded to the announcement for the shutdown of the free accounts. As you spoke out your opinions and thoughts over everything we at Zetamex wrote and talked about your opinions and after some discussion on things have come up with an option.

     First let me start with this, yes we are going to go ahead with the shutdown of the current free accounts. All current free member will still have till the December 17th to upgrade before services will be ended. Along with the one time offer of 25% off on the Standard Simulators plan that we normally offer for $20.

     How ever starting this Saturday, we will be offering a bran new plan, brought on by the idea of pay what you can, when you can idea. What this means for our free members is that, they have a second option for those who cant afford to pay a certain amount every month. With this option those who cant afford to pay the monthly price will be able to sign up for this and pay what they can when they can, some what like an honor system.

     What does this mean? Simple when you sign up for this account you choose the amount you can pay, you pay it when ever possible, and this includes even paying $0 at the start. This way your not pressured to make sure you can meet a high monthly cost while at the same time when you have that little extra to put out, you can help contribute to the services you are using.

     Though with this idea there are some rules that the users will have to agree to and set things to, and they are as followed.

+ Must add “Region Hosted by Zetamex” in your region’s about land

+ Must make at least one post a month on our community forum  (so that we know your still active)

+ Not exceed prim limit of 5,000prims

+ Have “Timothy Hoxley” on your region’s Access List

+ Not use more than a total of 3 scripting time

You also understand the following:

+ Regions are hosted on discounted unused cloud power

+ Because the bullet above, there may be times your region is unreachable

+ You do not get a control panel

+ Community Support only (unless private issue, then tickets allowed)

     So we at Zetamex hopes that this plan born for those who are in need of help, can help those who have trouble getting hosting. This will allow free users to be able to sign up, and be able to have a region while paying what amount they can, when they possible can.

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