New Backend With More Power

It has been a gueling week, and we are still not done. We have redone our entire infurstructure and there is still more work to be done on it. But we are happy to report that it is 80% complete, and most of our users haven’t notice but a few small issues, which we have already resolved most of them.

Over the next few days and weeks, you will see more information about our back-end come up on our blog here and about our servers. We want our residents/customers to know their data is on a very secure and redundant network of servers both in the cloud and in data centers. We have even taken the time to name all our servers after animals, just because it will make it easier for us to explain to people and reference them.

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Now to explain our entire layout, so lets start by explaining how when you first connect to any of our services.

1. When you first connect to any zetamex service, you are actually passing through our Cloud DNS service and CDN(the CDN is still not in production until we figure our a better solution for serving opensim through it). This service constantly checks all our sites, grids, and cloud servers making sure if the main instance is down to reroute you to the new emergency instance automatically without any notice to you.

(If your logging into a grid)
1. You now get passed to the cloud, where all our sites and grid’s login services are handled. This grabs everything about your account on whatever grid your on, then forwards the cloud instance sends your login response to the regions your teleporting too.

1 (ERROR RESPONSE). If you try to login to the grid and the cloud DNS detects the grid is down, it will immediately tell the cloud to restart the machine the grid is on and send you to the backup server so you don’t experience an error.

2. You arrive in our datacenter after being passed through our cloud instance, then you passed to the right server followed by correct simulator the region you want to be on. Your avatar only periodically pings in on the grid server on the cloud when you do IM’s, Teleports, and other grid related activities.

(If you just have a simulator hosted with us)
1. You teleport to your region in your grid you have the region hosted, and the grid will query the correct information from our cloud dns service that keeps track of all services incase emergency restart is needed.

Now to explain what our Backup Datacenter is used for. (this is due to launch into production in the next month or two. Currently we do daily dumps into our storage provider for backups and run all our servers in RAID to be prepared for a hard disk failure.)

We use cloud storage and have two full really powerful servers on standby should any of our other servers experience a failure or issue. These two servers constantly mirror all data from our servers in our main datacenter. This allows us to restore service in the case of an emergency. Then these servers dump nightly to our private cloud storage provider who versions and keeps all data backed up and stored.

We will be letting you know more information soon as we finish the rest of our setup and introduce new features.

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