Cloud Migrations

After our previous article about the difference in costs using Amazon, we were approached by another software engineer who informed us of a different cloud company. We have been doing some extensive testing with them, and have successfully found that we can help keep our costs down by setting up a hybrid setup of cloud and dedicated servers.

Who Does This Effect?

This change will only effect grid clients at this time, as our first wave of changes is to be migrating all grid clients Robust instances into the cloud for better scaling and performance. Their assets will be placed on our newly rendered dedicated database server, which will be constantly mirrored into our storage server and nightly dumps to Amazon S3.

What Does This Mean For Grid Clients?

The cloud service provider operates on 1Gbps pipes with Tier 1 locations in the USA and Germany. Currently our grid servers travel through pipes of 100Mbps, so expect much faster speeds over the 1Gbps. Another advantage to our cloud provider, allows us to make complete snapshots of your grids robust server, in order to duplicate them or restore them in case of a disaster.

Their will be brief downtime during the switch, but we are working on making the downtime for each grid planned. We will be contacting each grid provider directly, and making sure that we can coordinate things properly, for the best experience on both ends.

What Comes Next?

At the moment, we don’t see any benefit to bring simulators to the cloud for cost efficiency. We are continually looking into finding new and innovative ways to improve service, and keep our costs affordable. So that does mean, we are looking into finding ways to drive some of our costs down, and may result in plan architecture changes. However this is not now, and is in the future.

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