Zetamex Closed [Press Release]

      For those who are not already aware, Zetamex is now called Zetamex Network and is a registered German company. It was bought out by a german citizen who was the spark for Zetamex and has since seen it flourish. The new CEO for Zetamex network is Vincent “Tampa” Sylvester, and we here at Zetamex Network couldn’t have asked for a better CEO!

With the change from Zetamex to Zetamex Network and being registered as a German company, comes with some changes to the actual company itself. Zetamex Network has grown past being a company run by one person and people who wanted to volunteer to help and is ready to be restructured into a well oiled machine! What this means is that while we are restructuring the company we will no longer be accepting new customers while the new CEO sets up a good infrastructure to ensure the best products, services, and customer service that we can provide. Previously we were understaffed which led to slow development of software for our users or bugs in the software that were never correctly fixed, but we are going to be adding more staff and specialized groups to deal with bug fixes, deployment of sims and more products for our customers to choose from.
As for our current customers, what this means for you is that we will still be giving out support and you, the customer will still be able to maintain and add regions if you so wish. There are no plans to increase pricing of any of our plans due to the change of the company itself, however new service and support packages will be provided as add-ons.
We wanted to thank you again for sticking with Zetamex Network and any feed back that you can give would be greatly appreciated to shape Zetamex Network into the best Virtual service network around!
Thank you again,
Team Zetamex Network

Apology For Support Delays

Today Zetamex Network is owning up to a error on our part. Zetamex Network has suffered a major lapse in ticket responses, this was due in error with our ticketing system not being set-up correctly during our last major update. We apologize for this, and we had only discovered it today, our whole team is now on staff working today, which is one of our non-work days in order to make sure we get all issues resolved today.
We will be in touch with all customers effected by this issue, again we apologize deeply for all the issues this has caused and for all the customers in which it has effected. We will be working on resolutions for each customer TODAY, owning up to our mistake.
Thank You,
Zetamex Network Team

Zetamex Becomes Zetamex Network

Dear Customers,
Zetamex is now called Zetamex Network and is also now registered in Germany.

What changes for you? Not that much actually, here is a quick overview.
New Website
We have been hard at work designing the new home for all of our products. All this work paid off in the launch of the new Zetamex Website. All of our products in a new, simplified and easy to read format.
New Billing and Support integration
One of the most confusing parts about Zetamex was the host of different systems handling support and billing separately. We have moved to a new system, integrating support directly with billing, making it far easier to send in tickets and manage your account. One login for support and billing, with all vital information in one place.
The world getting closer together
To comply with new international trade agreements we are now forced to tax all of our products and services at the customers country of residency. This means local tax rates are applied to our services and thus we require all customers to fill out their account information with address, name and at least one form of contact*(email or telephone). This will ensure you will get the proper tax rate. With the move to Germany our billing address has changed. This has the potential to upset some credit institutions, so be aware that credit card payments now travel across the big pond.
New services available
Zetamex Network is proud to announce the upcoming custom simulator package. This new package will allow you to customize an OpenSim simulator to specifically suit your needs. Including a new size and increased limits to fully unleash your dreams.
As a new convenience for our customers with their own websites, we now offer Webspace in a special package suited perfectly for the connection with OpenSim and with special features available to be integrated into already existing websites.
Some of these features are already listed on our website, but have not yet been integrated into our systems. We will enable these for purchase at a later date.
~ Vincent Sylvester
~ ~ Zetamex Network CEO

Letter To Public ~ Changes Made

Dear Customers,

I would like to deeply apologize for the recent slow down in tickets and temporary holds on orders. This is because of a few different factors:

Database Services

 We have recently had our final strike using dedicated hardware for our databases. As a result of this, we have decided to move to Amazon Web Services for our databases. We are now using Amazon RDS to run our databases. This has significantly improved database performance and sets us up for protection against hardware related downtimes.

With this shift to Amazon RDS, it will allow us the ability to decrease downtime significantly. By using Multi-AZ Deployment, there is always a secondary copy of our database server running that will seamlessly take over in the event of any issue whether hardware or networking related. This provides us with better stability that we can make sure your content is online with much higher up times. Amazon RDS also does built in data back-up and snapshots that makes it easier for us to roll stuff back in the event of a possible data corruption or failures.

Leaving Budget Providers

Zetamex, if you haven’t already heard, has left some of the budget providers we have used in the past due to multiple problems and unreliable connections. In many instances, we were experiencing packet loss of up to 57% and that is absolutely unacceptable. So we have moved to more reliable, and enterprise ready datacenters, using companies like Amazon Web Services, SoftLayer, and a few German providers as well. This has resulted in our standards being raised, as well as being able to promise better uptime and more reliable connectivity for both you and your customers.

Thank You,
Zetamex Team

Weekly Update [March 8-14, 2015]

Weekly updates are back, and we are going to stay on top of them. These will be short and to the point blogs, explaining what is going on at Zetamex and its sub-projects.

Discontinued GoDaddy Usage – Zetamex has made the executive decision to move away from shared hosting and start hosting all websites on our own hardware. Sites will continue to be hosted on separate machines from the simulator and grid servers, to maintain the utmost security.

My Zetamex Updates

  • Issue with Grid Database Connections – This was a result of us moving everything behind our own network and off of GoDaddy. Some database servers failed to do a proper Privilege Flush, however we have corrected this issue on all grid servers.
  • Web Interactive Simulator Console – During our move, we have had several complaints about the console not staying updated or working properly. We have since then, found out the issue was people’s connection was timing out, because we had the timeout set to an insanely low count. This has since been changed to a 45 second time out. NOTE: This feature is not turned on for all users, to request this service enabled please send in a ticket.
  • Grid Client’s UserCP – The current back-end for My Zetamex doesn’t allow us to do this securely, we have begun a rewrite of our back-end and are running it on our dev systems. As soon as it is stable enough, we will have people move over to begin testing. ETA: March 20, 2015
  • Secure Re-Write of My Zetamex Has Begun [Completion ETA March 20, 2015] – Upon research, we have found multiple possible improvements to be made in our current system. We have already begun the process of patching some of those in the current My Zetamex. We have started on the new version, which we are building to look the same to the user. The changes will only be on the back-end. However some cosmetic changes are being made, as per customer responses to our survey. These are as follows:
    • Simplified Location Of Services: Users have stated that it is complicated to find the list of their services. We are now bringing this to the Dashboard, meaning the instant you login, all services will be listed on that screen.
    • Tutorials/Video Guides: We will be adding documentation to our Knowledge Base, giving users access to tons of resources.
    • Login Notifications: To become more compliant with security concerns, we will be adding in a notification for whenever a login has occurred. The panel will send an email with the IP address the login came from to the account holders email. This will allow customers to have a better feeling of security, knowing they can track who logs into their services.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send an email to support[at]zetamex.com to have your questions answered.

Ringing In The New Year

It has been pretty quiet over at Zetamex in terms of getting updates on what we are doing. So we wanted to publish this quick news update about what’s going on, and our release schedule for the stuff coming out of Zetamex in the New Year.

Break Down:

Zetamex Re-Opens Simulator Ordering: Jan 3, 2015
Zetamex Re-Opens Grid Ordering: Jan 5, 2015
ZetaWorlds Hits Release Candidate: Jan 15, 2015
Zetamex Offers True Mini-Grids: Feb 1, 2015
ZetaWorlds Offering Sub-Grids: Feb 1, 2015

ZetaWorlds Open Grid, has a back-end like no other. The grid’s services run entirely out of the cloud, behind a distributed setup. This distributed setup, allows us to provide a more reliable and steadfast grid. There are two sets of robust running, a group of robust services for regions hosted by Zetamex and a group of robust services running for those who connect their own regions. We have designed it this way, so that people connecting and attempting to abuse the grid cannot effect regions customers are paying for or the core working regions of the grid.

On top of this, ZetaWorlds being put into the same technology that all our grids that Zetamex hosts are. Put directly into the cloud, this provides us the ability to have backups that are of the entire machine. ZetaWorld’s core grid services, as well as other grids we host. The entire virtual server is snapshotted every night, allowing if something bad does happen we can spin up another server instantly using the snapshot, and even in a different region if the need arises. This provides us the ability to make sure data integrity remains high.

While assets are of biggest concern, we backup our assets server hourly. While if something does happen to the grid we roll back 1 day at worse case. You would lose up to 24hours of work, but if you had it rezzed on a region it would be safe and with us backing up hourly the asset would still be in the asset server. This allows us to ensure reliably even in the worse cases. The fact that we use SRAS gives us two advantages; the ability to have assets saved as files making hourly backup easy, and having the ability to have a fast and reliable asset server that can take a beating.

ZetaWorlds Sub-Grids, is a service we are working on after seeing so many grids merging into one another because of costs and other various reasons. We want to provide a service to allow grids to merge into a ZetaWorlds, while still keeping track of their residents inside of ZetaWorlds. This means all Sub-Grids of ZetaWorlds will be in ZetaWorld regions and residents. This allows the owners of the Sub-Grids to have their own registration page, starting region, list of their users inside of ZetaWorlds, and residents register in the Sub-Grid will have in their profile “Tims World Resident” or whatever the Sub-Grid’s name is.

These are just some of the things we are working on here at Zetamex, just so you know we are not sitting on our hands we are hard at work developing new and great things for everyone to enjoy. We look forward to the New Year, with us all this coming pubic for everyone to use.