Resting means Rusting

Constant innovation and planning for the future is nothing new for us, but while we are forging ahead our equipment has always struggled to keep up. In the last year we have drastically changed that and now have plenty of computational resources to test and develop new features with. However, since we are not a 24/7 company, some of that new equipment stays idle for a couple hours each day while we recharge our batteries. As shutting down and then rebooting all these servers and systems would be the best option for the environment, it also means even more time spent not developing.


So the logical conclusion is using the downtime for something useful and so we have setup a Folding@Home machine within our testsystem. Using the spare computational power of the cluster during the night it helps the search for a cure to cancer. You can see the statistics of that in the blogs sidebar, which also has a direct link to the first of the machines we setup this way along with our team number, in case you want to join us. In addition to helping cancer-research the software also allows us to simulate synthetic loads during testruns, which provides us with valuable data towards the stability and reliability of what we test. Finding a cure for cancer one feature at a time if you will. We hope to have sparked some interest in Folding@Home and maybe we will see you on our Folding team in the future.