New Hardware, New Systems

In our continuous pursuit to enhance our network and customer service we have recently begun rethinking our backup strategy. With the advent of new requirements following 2020 we will be required to store up to 12 months (as opposed to 4 months) of the data our customers generate on our network. This new requirement, set forth by German lawmakers, means we require much more storage space. To meet the new storage requirements we have changed our backup strategy and ordered new hardware to handle the additional data influx.

Along with the new hardware we have rolled out a new ingress system. This new system will handle customer requests for deployment of their own data into our network. With mesh becoming ever more present in our worlds we can see the increase in size of customer data. As such the new ingress system supports file sizes big enough to handle all this data.

But wait, there is more. With the aforementioned increases in customer data comes a problem for making all this data available to our customers. To solve this problem we have also deployed a new transfer system that will securely handle data requests.

With these two new systems we will be able to support the projected increase in data sizes and provide our customers with the peace of mind that up to one year of their data is securely stored and accessible in case of catastrophic failure. Further will it provide us with an interesting metric on how data is evolving and what needs to be done to future-proof our systems to handle these new loads in the future.