Estate Regions Experiment

We are proud to announce that starting today, Zetamex is now offering regions starting at just $3.00/month. This is an experimental service, meaning we are changing and it may not last all depending on how you our customers and future customers take to these new plans. That being said, as always we honor our arrangements with grandfathering, meaning if you do sign up and we ditch the plans you will still be on it with no changes to price.

Estate Regions are our new offer for OpenSimulator only, we are currently only in OSgrid but have plans to expand into Metropolis with this offer as well. These regions offer the same great performance our regular simulators offer, however they are single regions and have way less features than our regular plans offer. In a nutshell, Estate Regions features are:

  • 1 Backup/Restore Slot (E-Mail For OAR Export)
  • Web Restarts
Those are the ONLY features you get outside of the basic features you get from owning a region inworld. We are excited to see how everyone takes to the plans, and if we sell out we promise to add more. Be sure in the comments to let us know if you would like us to expand this into your grid, or a grid you know.

Check Out The Regions/Plans Now>>