Wolf Migration

[RESOLVED 6:10 PM PST] Complete
Everything has been migrated successfully, please just bare in mind may take a few hours for wolf.zetamex.pw to resolve properly.

[UPDATE 5:05 PM PST] Simulators Moved
Simulators have been successfully migrated and restarted, we are now working on restoring Zadaroo.com and Panel.Zetamex.com

[UPDATE 3:00 PM PST] 80% Complete
We are almost finished transferring files, regions are coming back online on the new server, certain features will be inaccessible for the next few hours, however the ability to visit your regions will still be possible, just web tools will not be available.

[UPDATE 11:35 PM PST] In Progress
We apologize for this delay, this is one of our largest servers holding the most data we have. We are starting to bring up clients that have been transferred over now, please bare with us during this time.

[10:00 AM PST] Wolf Migration Begins
We have begun migration of all content on wolf to its new server, this means any clients on server wolf may experience brief downtime during this migration. Please stay tuned to this page for status updates, we are moving as quickly as possible to get all the data on the new server.

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