New Secure Billing

Zetamex has just invested into a new billing system which now encrypts all data and connections in a 256-bit encryption. This means your billing data is now military grade encrypted, the new system is also cloud based so if one server is down, you will  just be redirected to the one that is online and running.

We have finished migrating all active clients over to the new system, we will be exporting all invoices later today of the old system to send to users for their own records. The new system does not hold the older invoices, reason we are exporting the old records. Clients wanting access to the old records will need to email us at with the email address they had on file to ask for the old records, if the so choose to want them.

Again, we are moving into a new age where data security is very important, so we are taking all the steps we can to ensure all our clients personal billing data is secured.

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