The Future is Now

I would first off like to inform everyone that Zetamex has officially turned 3 years old this past weekend. We are extremely happy that we have been here for three years, how we originally started out as SoftPaw Host 3 years ago, and now Zetamex. We have been pulling in many new clients, and are starting to staff ourself and grow to the next level. But this means changes are afoot, but our prices are locked in, and standalone plans we have dropped the setup fee.

We have noticed that Dedicated server are becoming harder and hard to keep in stock, so we have decided to ditch the dedicated server plans and are introducing Bundle Offers. This offers users looking for multiple regions, to purchase bulk orders. This will allow us to keep in stock, and are already working with 3 different data centers now to ensure success. Growth is important, and we want to make sure we are ready for it.

Out with the old, and in with the new. You may notice over the course of today, we are changing billing systems, site designs, and later this week ZetaPanel 2.0 will be released. We want users to note that a lot of changes and updates are in the works, and we are becoming even more active over the next few weeks. Change is good, and change is the Future of Zetamex! We are joining the big boys now.

In all this talk about us changing, we have recently acquired a partnership with XHostFire and MyBB Hoster. We have entered a partnership with our servers, to bring you better and more reliable hosting solutions, as well as their web hosting solutions. We are super excited about all of this, we are also doubling up our efforts to increase support ticket responses. We are very excited about all of these changes.

As always, existing plans and packages, if they are no longer available they will be grandfathered. However please note that future orders of those products will not be available.