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So as many of you may have noticed, our blog has been pretty quiet lately. This is because we have been making a lot of innovative creations in the back end of things. We were also dealing with a big deal of new customers, and we are very excited to share some news with you guys. We are going to be covering some changes we are going through these next two weeks.


That is right, we have been rehauling the old Grid-Press site and it is almost finished. But this time we are changing it up a little bit this next release. We thought Hypergrid Business was doing a good job, however we noticed it is still missing the focus on actual grids and articles by regular residents. Now we know there are tons of bloggers already who do this stuff, but we want to contribute back, so we are going to be offering a crediting system.
The new Grid-Press site will have the fallowing new categories: News, Grid Voice, Opinion, Explorations. We are going to be focusing on getting people to see what is in this mass virtual metaverse. We are also going to be rewarding people who want to be dedicated writers for Grid-Press money via PayPal. Not a whole lot of money, but when you get up to 5 USD you can cash out. Most articles will be 0 to 2 USD, however we will pay out monthly based on articles that have the most traffic and most actively commented on.
News (0 – 1.50): Articles about news affecting the opensimulator code, virtual worlds, hypergrid and related.
Grid Voice (FREE): This is for grids to publish news about what is going on in their worlds, new features, etc.
Opinion (0 – 1): These articles are for people to give their opinion on different grids, reviews of grids, giving critical reviews on things in the metaverse. No bullying or defaming of people or companies will be allowed, all opinions must be appropriate.
Explorations (0-1): Show off regions and grids you never explored, or you find and think need to be shown off to people.
If you are interested in becoming a writer for the new Grid-Press, due to launch this weekend, please contact us at support[at] with the fallowing information: Name, You know how to use WordPress, Use images with proper permission or taken yourself for articles, Why you should be a Grid-Press author. We will be selecting only a few people, and be announcing them on the grand re-opening of Grid-Press.
Stay tuned for Zetaworlds news as it will be coming out in the next day or two!

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