PayPal Automatic Payment [Updated]

PayPal is ever evolving, both in the good and bad directions. As you may have noticed, if you have selected automatic payments via PayPal, all these automatic payment plans have been cancelled by PayPal. The information given is sparse, but appears to point at the mismatch of the prorata billing cycle we use to create invoices on the first of the month rather than on the same day the service order is received. PayPal attempts to collect the automatic payments from the first of the month to the date of the order, which results in numerous failed attempts as funds are only released close to the order creation date. We believe PayPal has thus elected to cancel all automatic payments that received too many failures in the past. We have tried to reach out to PayPal for more information as to how to prevent this in the future, but are still awaiting response. For the time being we have disabled automatic payments through PayPal to avoid potential further issues from the failed attempts and to stop the creation of new automatic payments that will be cancelled immediately. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, we are working on a solution.


[Update 21.10.20]

We have heard back from PayPal with the information that the requests sent to their API contain the correct field for changing the prorata dates, but their API has bundled the calls into a new section. This means we have to wait for our billing system provider to adjust the gateway for PayPal to properly send the data in the correct format. As the changes are fairly recent it seems the update to the gateway is still in progress and the current version of the system does not yet contain the needed changes for prorata to work properly on subscriptions. We will continue to monitor this and have expressed our requirement for this system to work to the provider alongside many others expressing the same need for this change to be accounted for. We expect this to take a few more weeks to be fully resolved and will re-enable subscriptions as soon as we can verify the gateway is working properly for prorata subscriptions. We apologize for the inconvenience.