All-in-One Grid Packages

With the metaverse steadily growing, more grids pooping up almost every week, we realized many do not wish to concern themselves with a detailed breakdown of costs and rather pay a “flatrate” for everything. While we continue to offer our highly customize-able options for grid and simulator hosting, we also want to make it easier for those who just wish to have a single solution, out of the box, running with a set of options already pre-configured. The new packages are available in north America and central Europe and include the basics needed to start your own grid and build a world all of your own.

A little overview of the packages for those interested.

Grid Complete Pack
-Includes all necessary grid services
-Money Server(Podex) or/and Gloebit
-PHP Asset Server with 100GB of asset storage
-Single Simulator for your welcome or failover region
-Integration to Zetamex Website packages and future embedded control panel

Price (excl. Fees): €95.00*

Simulator Server
-As many regions as the hardware can handle
-From stable to bleeding-edge all OpenSim-Core versions available upon request
-Access to all future module additions
-Integration to Zetamex Website packages and future embedded control panel

Price (excl. Fees): €85.00*

Barebone Extension
-Full DDoS protection
-Global caching to reduce loading times
-Daily backups and coldstore for months
-Full realtime monitoring

Price (excl. Fees): €69.00*

*As usual these prices have some flexibility. Name us your budget and we will see how we can accommodate to fit your needs while keeping cost down.

We hope these new packages will make it easier to get your ideas and dreams off the ground. If this sounds like the package you have been looking for feel free to drop us a message!