Emergency Maintenance [Completed]

We are performing some emergency maintenance to restore functionality to billing and other sites of our network. The cause for the downtime are failed upgrades on behalf of our service providers. Estimated time for this maintenance is 24 hours.

The billing system is back online, please clear your browser cache if the payment gateway continues to decline your request. All other affected services will be restored shortly as well.

Scheduled Work [Completed]

Work Completed [8:27 PM PT]

We have completed the major system updates to patch vulnerabilities in our systems. Thank you for sticking with us while we finished this work.

Restarts In Progress [10:45 AM PT]

We have got to the stage of some machines need restarts, for the next hour simulators and grid connectivity may be intermittent.

Scheduled Work [9:48 AM PT]

Work has been started on servers, we are currently running security patches and software updates.


NOTE: New mail group for customers have been instated, you should have an email asking you to join notify@zetamex.com to receive these updates via email when work is being done. You do not have to join. If you didn’t get an email please contact: contact[at]zetamex[dot]com

US Planned downtime

We are consolidating multiple users onto a different server to better utilize the hardware capabilities and reduce overhead. Preparations for this have already begun and the move will happen sometime over the weekend 25/26th of June taking about an hour to complete. We apologize for the inconvenience.