Free ZetaPanel!

It is finally here, ZetaPanel 1.5 Beta Release!

A few Zetamex clients are already now as of this morning using ZetaPanel 1.5 which we have decided to make 100% Free and no rising costs! To support this, we just added advertisements to the left hand bar. They are not intrusive and help us earn revenue to keep the ZetaPanel software free.

Some text has been blurred to protect clients privacy!

As you can see above, the control panel now welcomes you directly in. On the top left you can see the navigation, to directly pull up your dashboard which is what you see now, the user guide, Support, and even launch billing. Then of course the advertisement in the left side there.

On the Dashboard you can see the layout of all your simulators and standalones. Standalone support should be launched mid next week. But you can see here, that we tell you the Name of the grid, this person has regions on their new grid End of the Metaverse. Under that, you see each simulator listed as Node 1,2,3 and what has been blurred are the names of the regions on each of those nodes, so you don’t have to remember what region is on what. For nodes that have multiple of the same name, we simple put the name and 1-X for the amount of that region there is.

Region names and OARs have been blurred to protect client’s privacy

Don’t worry guys, we made our control panel easy to use and the user guide is right in the top left. As you can see from this screenshot, the layout is nice and clean, with text explaining exactly what to do.

We thank all of you for your support, we so happy to have you using our products. Don’t worry if you are a client and have not got this yet, you will before midnight tonight!

ZetaPanel Decision & Dedicated Packages

So we have done some careful decision making, and we are now going to share what we have decided to do.

  1. ZetaPanel will not be Included with all Standalone & Simulator packages.
  2. As of a result of the statement above all prices will be raised by 5/month
  3. That being said, all existing clients have the luxury of getting this service at no extra charge, as Zetamex’s grandfather policy. However, new service will require the new price.
  4. For clients who will be using this on dedicated packages there will be 15/month extra charge for us setting it up for you.
  5. This will not be available till ZetaPanel 1.5 release, which will be this weekend!

We have had a lot of questions about our dedicated packages, because they are not listed on the front page anymore. Well, they were not very popular so the link is located at the very bottom of the page under “Zetamex Products” for you to find them.

Since some people don’t know the advantages of using Dedicated packages, I want to explain they are designed for people who need tons of regions, and don’t want to purchase a simulator at a time. The discount of going bulk, and having it on your own dedicated hardware.

2x Plus Simulators (90k Prims) = $80/month
Silver Dedicated (120k Prims*) = $80/month

5x Plus Simulator (225k Prims) = $200/month
Gold Dedicated (240k Prims*) = $150/month

11x Plus Simulator (495k Prims) = $440/month
Platinum Dedicated (480k Prims*) = $195/month

*Dedicated packages can have more or less prims depending on script usage and amount of regions you use. These results are based off of standard simulator usage.

Just thank of the money you could save!

ZetaPanel Is Live!!!

I know you have all been waiting a VERY long time for this, ZetaPanel is here. Ate least the Zetamex version is, which means the community version is only a few days from going public! For those of you who have forgotten what ZetaPanel is, it is a control panel for operating regions inside of a standalone or simulator. 

So why did it take us so long? Well we tried contracting, but people want hundreds some thousands of dollars, and well I am not a great programmer, but I learned more PHP just so I could make this. I have to say I am very satisfied with it, however I do know the first release looks a bit confusing so I have written a very detailed short ebook manual that can be downloaded here. Also shows the link on the control panel for those who need that.

For current customers this panel is available only for 2.50/month where new customers will be paying 5.00/month extra for this feature. To add to your existing server, login at go to Product Add-Ons and add ZetaPanel, then at checkout use coupon code LOYAL this only works for existing clients.

Some Screenshots:

So why is Zetamex releasing a Community Version? We believe in community, by releasing a community version that is 100% Free and 100% OpenSource, we encourage further development. We are sure people will take it, play around with it, and then go and add their own tidbits, we might even take back and put in future releases. This is much like how OpenSim works, so we want to stay with that same sort of mind set the OpenSim devs have. This will also encurage competition, which is good, as right now there is not many companies that have a big rep or are well known, and well this will help them build a name hopefully.

Zetamex is a firm believer in without competition there becomes monopolies, and innovation can become stifled. So that being said, we look forward to seeing what everyone does with ZetaPanel Community Edition when it goes live later this week!

Metajabber Goes Live

Zetamex is proud to announce the brand new forum social network hybrid is ready! It is not just a forum, it is also a social network that integrates your already existing social network accounts into once place!

Head on over to now and take a look for yourself!

+Promote your grid, region, product
+Get help with opensim, we want to help everyone
+Meet more people in the opensim community

Weekly Update

Welcome to the very first edition of Zetamex’s weekly updates, this is a blog that keeps all Zetamex clients and future clients in the loop with what is up and going on at Zetamex.

Last Week

New Grids*

  • End of the Metaverse
    • This is a new grid that focuses on new opensim users, and is a closed grid with hypergrid enabled. They are running the latest development versions of opensim, keeping them ahead of the game in closed opensim virtual worlds.
  • AviWorlds
    • AviWorlds has moved to our hosting service, and have joined forces with the open-to-connect virtual worlds. We now offer hosting for this grid, allowing users who do not want to run their own regions to have us provide the hosting for them.

*Some girds do not like us to disclose us as their hosting provider, therefore this report will only show those who do. 

Shiny New Site & A Phone Number

If you haven’t visited our site, you must not know that we now have this brand new and amazing site. We feel our site now more accurately resembles who we are, and what we sell. Putting the products up and in the front line, and limiting the confusion of how to buy and get started.
If you also didn’t notice, we also now have a phone number that residents of USA and Canada can call to get more information or pay a low $30/month for phone support. This we hope adds to our credibility as a hosting provider. All billing is still done solely through our site and paypal, for security purposes. Our number is listed in the top right of our site.

Featured In The Press

This weekend, we were featured again by Maria the popular blog Hypergrid Business. She spoke of how we are now really starting to step up to the plate, and we appreciate her for noticing. Here are a couple of excerpts:

Zetamex steps up

Zetamex is the newest entrant to the OpenSim hosting market, but it’s quickly been making a name for itself with low prices and good customer service.

In addition to helping AviWorlds get up and going, Zetamex has also rescued all the content created by Linda Kellie.


Then Zetamex stepped in, and bought Linda Kellie’s site, and took over the hosting. You can now find all her content, exactly as she posted it, on

Zetamex has also done a very nice redesign of its website, simplifying the process of buying individual regions, mini-grids, and full grids.

This Week

Welcome to the look ahead for what is coming this week from Zetamex. Please note, we may not always be able to get everything finished by the end of the week those that don’t are then pushed up a week.

OAR Market Place

We are working on a brand new OAR market place, that will only cost a one-time setup fee to start selling OARs. Now the reason we are launching an OAR marketplace is because we see that many content creators are starting to just sell their .xml / .oar / .iar files to download and import. We want to combine the ability to sell your OARs with our powerful hosting solution.
This will allow you to sell your OARs to our clients, at checkout they will be able to choose to just download or have a world created and loaded up with that OAR. Meaning increased sells for you, and we are looking into possibly having a cloud instance load up for people to test each OAR before they buy, but we are unsure if that will be available at launch.

Minecraft Anyone?

We want to truely become the one-stop solution to serve you with virtual world products. Lets face it, Minecraft is a very large virtual world solution and we want a piece of that action, so we can deliver all the goodness to you.
We will be offering minecraft hosting on fast hard disk servers, meaning the fastest support ever, as minecraft is a very intensive on hard disks and the computers processing power.  We will also be starting to offer voice service hosting through a reseller program with Pure Voice Communications, who has several servers across the globe.