Monitoring 2.0

Zetamex Network continues to grow and that means our network of servers and systems is growing and becoming more complex. Naturally, if nothing is done, it quickly becomes too much to manage. Proper monitoring of systems and automation of common tasks is key. We have made numerous advances in automation already, but monitoring continued to not be touched. This was partly due to the stability of the systems we have made and relatively low amount of incidents we have encountered the last couple months. Still, we don’t like to leave things to chance and it is simply common sense to monitor software like OpenSim, which is still considered somewhat alpha or beta software at this point.

We have spent some time this last week working on just that and introduced a centralized monitoring system for our entire network. Some of you, who may be more familiar with the IT world, might have heard about this system before. It’s the widely used Nagios Monitoring System. A fairly easy decision for us as Nagios is widely used and thus offers a great deal of resources to properly configure the monitoring of our servers and systems. Further have there been numerous drop-in replacements for it, should there ever be a feature we might not find in the standard Nagios system.