Weekly Update [March 8-14, 2015]

Weekly updates are back, and we are going to stay on top of them. These will be short and to the point blogs, explaining what is going on at Zetamex and its sub-projects.

Discontinued GoDaddy Usage – Zetamex has made the executive decision to move away from shared hosting and start hosting all websites on our own hardware. Sites will continue to be hosted on separate machines from the simulator and grid servers, to maintain the utmost security.

My Zetamex Updates

  • Issue with Grid Database Connections – This was a result of us moving everything behind our own network and off of GoDaddy. Some database servers failed to do a proper Privilege Flush, however we have corrected this issue on all grid servers.
  • Web Interactive Simulator Console – During our move, we have had several complaints about the console not staying updated or working properly. We have since then, found out the issue was people’s connection was timing out, because we had the timeout set to an insanely low count. This has since been changed to a 45 second time out. NOTE: This feature is not turned on for all users, to request this service enabled please send in a ticket.
  • Grid Client’s UserCP – The current back-end for My Zetamex doesn’t allow us to do this securely, we have begun a rewrite of our back-end and are running it on our dev systems. As soon as it is stable enough, we will have people move over to begin testing. ETA: March 20, 2015
  • Secure Re-Write of My Zetamex Has Begun [Completion ETA March 20, 2015] – Upon research, we have found multiple possible improvements to be made in our current system. We have already begun the process of patching some of those in the current My Zetamex. We have started on the new version, which we are building to look the same to the user. The changes will only be on the back-end. However some cosmetic changes are being made, as per customer responses to our survey. These are as follows:
    • Simplified Location Of Services: Users have stated that it is complicated to find the list of their services. We are now bringing this to the Dashboard, meaning the instant you login, all services will be listed on that screen.
    • Tutorials/Video Guides: We will be adding documentation to our Knowledge Base, giving users access to tons of resources.
    • Login Notifications: To become more compliant with security concerns, we will be adding in a notification for whenever a login has occurred. The panel will send an email with the IP address the login came from to the account holders email. This will allow customers to have a better feeling of security, knowing they can track who logs into their services.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send an email to support[at]zetamex.com to have your questions answered.

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